An International Public Lecture and Communications Dept Website Launch


Greetings from Communication Dept of FISIP UMJ
AlJazeera is a global news station based in Doha, Qatar. Its presence is phenomenal after the events of September 11, 2001 through various investigative reports. Currently, AlJazeera is one of the world’s sources of information through various news channel platforms developed for the international community. The Communication Department of FISIP UMJ proudly having Drew Ambrose as AlJazeera’s Senior Producer, to deliver an International Public Lecture themed “Al Jazeera and The Global Media Landscape”. The event is open for students, lecturers, media practitioners and other community groups. Prior to that, He and attendees will witness the Communication Department’s website launch. We carry out the hybrid event. Those who are interested to attend offline, please come to the 4th Floor Auditorium FISIP UMJ. Meanwhile, we also provide a link zoom to facilitate online participants. Below is the link.

Topic: An International Public Lecture Theme: AlJAZEERA AND THE GLOBAL MEDIA LANDSCAPE
Time: Oct 25, 2022 09:00 Jakarta

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Meeting ID: 849 3161 2173
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This event will also be broadcasted live on our Youtube Channel: KomunikasiUMJ

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